Saturday, 7 May 2016

Godaddy Pro secrets - Review

Godaddy Pro secrets - Review

There has always been GoDaddy affiliate schemes for attracting new users through existing users. This has been a great way to earn points which converts to money. There were also hosting reseller accounts of GoDaddy, which were open to all. These two things, now, you will not be able to find on the Godaddy website.

Reason was that recently, GoDaddy launched Pro as a replacement of affiliate/reseller for existing users and also for new developers joining GoDaddy with a great feature to monitor all its clients at one place through GoDaddy Dashboard. For only monitoring and consolidating the clients of a developer, GoDaddy Pro dashboard has been a great feature, compared to having nothing at all or maintaining manually.

Even more recently, GoDaddy started calling current Pro users to inform about new Sweepstake Contest, where Pro users get referral points and money for all new purchases done through Pro Dashboard. Lets have a look at what this actually is in terms of functionality of Pro Dashboard.

For entering the contest, one has to make purchases for self or Clients and earn reward points. This contest also includes cash payback by GoDaddy and the amount if some percentage of the purchases done by Pro user. I tried to give it a shot and enter the contest.

My Requirement: A .in domain, a Wordpress Managed Hosting on GoDaddy. 

Luckily, if I go to purchase directly from GoDaddy website as existing/new user, I get domain free with Managed Wordpress hosting. Have a look at below screen captures:

Point to be noted: The .in is available free with Managed Wordpress hosting through direct GoDaddy purchase

Another Point to note: I can play around and select how many years of free domain I need. Default is 1 year for 3 years of Managed Wordpress hosting. (Smart huh.. User misses this, user pays additional for 2 years of renewal fees)
So I make it 3 years of free domain because my Managed wordpress hosting is of 3 years. Lets say I did not get a .in I wanted so went for .com instead.

Till this point, anyone can do this without any Pro account. But to enter the contest, I have to do the same through Pro account. A simple option of Reward menu to keep track of things here:

Going for sames Managed Wordpress hosting of 3 years

Note now: Oh yes, free domain. But what is this, my .in is not free, it shows amount against it and not 0. Why??? It was free from direct website.
Let me try a .com now. OMG, .com is free but .in is not free with managed wordpress at Godaddy Pro shopping.
Note more: Where the hell is year option for Free domain??? How can I choose the length of the domain? I want to send it to client for payment, but 3 years of Managed wordpress is showing only 1 year of free domain. I can't send this cart. It already does not have the .in I wanted.

So I contacted Pro Support to ask this and came to know that the year choosing can happen at payment page, hence the link I will send will have only 1 year of free domain, and the client making the purchase has to select 3 years before making the purchase.

Godaddy, if client has to choose tenure and other things rather than only payment, then how am I supposed to say that I am managing for my client? I hope you guys understand this.

Here are visible flaws of the GoDaddy pro which is driving me away from using or referring Godaddy to friends:
1. Pro contest of Sweepstake is just an illusion, cash payment is way too less than what affiliate gave earlier.
2. Pro is good for monitoring websites and watching clients, but certainly very very less in terms of earning compared to reseller
3. Free domains with annual hosting plans under Pro dashboard has less options while GoDaddy website has more. Hence, like in my case, I can't provide a .in domain free to my client through Pro but same can be free through the Godaddy website.
4. The Pro Sweepstake contest needs you to send the link to customer and purchase to happen from that link. It means, you have fewer free domains with yearly hosting plans to choose from. Less options on Pro and more on website sounds like cheating the Pro users, but when asked about this to Pro Support, they say this is what you have to sell through your marketing. Now, this is like asking to cheat clients and not give them the best options available.
5. The send link does not feature years of free domain to choose. Again, it does create confusion and any potential customer with confusing options will go away from the Pro user just because GoDaddy wants to not show true and transparent shopping cart.

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I believe, for someone at like who is giving friends and others easy and cheaper options to go online, Godaddy pro is not an option. I am only saying this in relation to few requirements stated above. If Pro gives same stuff as GoDaddy website, there is no harm to earn reward points along the way.